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Panthers promote salary cap manager Samir Suleiman

Samir Suleiman

CHARLOTTE — The Panthers have promoted director of player negotiations and salary cap manager Samir Suleiman, rewarding a key member of the front office.

Suleiman has been named vice president of football administration.

General manager Scott Fitterer said that in this new position, Suleiman would have an expanded role in the budgeting and finance function of the football operation.

Suleiman, 46, has been on a number of lists in recent years as a potential NFL general manager candidate.

He came to the Panthers after eight years with the Steelers, and has also worked for the Rams and Jaguars.

"Samir's been instrumental for us over the past year," Fitterer said. "From signing Haason Reddick and other free agents last offseason, he's done a great job for us. We rely on him and his ability to manage the salary cap every day, and he's a big part of what we do here."

The Panthers have leaned toward shorter-term contracts in the last year, offering cap flexibility as they restock the roster around young players.

Fitterer said that Suleiman could also help the front office in player evaluation. His experience in free agency from years of negotiating contracts helps them consider value in the market, and which moves they can make.

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