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Carolina Panthers

Panthers release kicker Joey Slye

Joey Slye

CHARLOTTE — The Panthers made the expected move Saturday, even if it wasn't an easy one.

The team released kicker Joey Slye Saturday, as they begin the move to the 53-man roster which is due Tuesday.

Slye missed his fourth kick in a preseason game last night, and with the team acquiring Ryan Santoso in trade, it was time.

"He's a wonderful person, and he's worked really hard," Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said of Slye Friday night. "He's made a lot of kicks and he's done a lot of good things, and he's just in one of those places right now where he's struggling. When you struggle at a lot of other positions people don't know it, but when you struggle at that position unfortunately it's magnified. But he's been a brother to these guys and he's worked with these guys, so they want to see him succeed. It's the power of the locker room and the brotherhood you're trying to create.

"Joey's an unbelievable person. He hasn't shied away from any of this. He's trying to work his way through it. He's out there working extra, kicking extra, trying to mechanically get himself to where he wants to be."

That move is one of several expected over the course of the day. At the moment, the roster stands at 77.

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