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Step-by-step recap of Julius Peppers' day in Robeson County

View photos of defensive end Julius Peppers as he tours areas effected by Hurricane Florence in Lumberton on Tuesday and joins volunteers helping Robeson County residents recover.

Defensive end Julius Peppers is committed to helping those who were impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Florence. It's been weeks since the storm came and went, but there are still people in need.

"The need for relief is ongoing," said JoAnne Branch from United Way of Robeson County, "and will be for several years."

During his off day Tuesday, Peppers traveled to Robeson County to serve meals, remove debris and interact with community residents. Senior writer Bryan Strickland observed the relief efforts and chronicled the day on Twitter from start to finish.

Check out a recap of Peppers' day below. Click here to donate.

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