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Carolina Panthers

Three Questions With: Defensive pass game coordinator Jason Simmons

Jason Simmons inside Bank of America Stadium

Defensive pass game coordinator/secondary coach Jason Simmons came to Carolina after nine seasons as a coach with the Green Bay Packers. He enjoyed a 10-year NFL career, playing safety for the Steelers and Texans. Simmons originally entered the league as a fifth-round draft choice from Arizona State, where he played under current Panthers defensive coordinator Phil Snow.

Here are three questions with Simmons.

What it was like playing for Coach Snow at ASU and how did he influence you?

"The first thing I would say is it was challenging. He's always going to bring the best out of you as a player. That's what I've tried to put into my coaching style -- to push guys. A lot of times that may make the player uncomfortable, but in the end they appreciate it. We want to get the most out of their skill set. That's what I've taken from Coach Snow."

Toughest player you ever went up against?

"I would say the most feared receiver I ever went up against was Randy Moss. That guy could beat you on any given play. Even as a safety in the deep half I was always worried about him."

What do you want people to say about the Carolina secondary you're now overseeing?

"In one word I would say competitive. I think that takes care of everything. We are always going to compete for 60 minutes. And for me, the little things are so important. Making sure you're on time. Attention to detail. Stance, leverage and eyes. The players are going to hear that from me a lot. I'm about standards over emotions. That's something we'll prioritize. The discrepancy between talent is so small in this league. So what can you do to set yourself apart?"