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Carolina Panthers

Three Questions With: Quarterbacks coach Jake Peetz


Jake Peetz may not be new to the Panthers staff, having coached the running backs during the 2019 campaign, but he'll have new responsibilities this year as he takes over the quarterbacks. Prior to last season, Peetz has a long history of working with quarterbacks, spending time with the Raiders, Jaguars and at the University of Alabama. After helping lead Christian McCaffrey to another record-breaking season last year, Peetz is looking to make an impact with the quarterbacks.

Here are three questions with Peetz:

How excited are you to be working with quarterbacks again?

"I'm excited about the opportunity. Any chance that you get to coach in this league is a blessing, especially with this group of guys that we have. Excited to work with all of them. This is a dynamic coaching staff and I'm happy to be a part of it."

What have you gotten to know so far about Joe Brady's offensive style and philosophy?

"Joe is an innovative guy. He's a think-big guy. It's very impressive, his football knowledge, but also just his ability to adapt and adjust what he believes to give us the best opportunity to be successful. It'll be fun. Obviously, at LSU they were dynamic. He was a part of a couple other dynamic programs, be it at New Orleans, Penn State before that. He's had a very unique upbringing through a lot of good coaches that have helped shape his vision. He's been able to really put it into his own vision and it's exciting to meld a lot of those ideas together."

What did you learn from working so closely with a player of Christian McCaffrey's caliber last season?

"With Christian, you get a guy who's relentlessly pursuing excellence. He's a kid that wants to be challenged. He's an exceptional worker, an exceptional human being to be around. You love a guy that will challenge you right back, because he made me a better coach. He did a great job developing as a leader. He's about all the right things. When you're with guys like that, you have guys that want to be great. Good isn't in their vocabulary. You're either great, or you're not."