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Planning for the future of Bank of America Stadium

Planning for the future of Bank of America Stadium

Learn more about the renovation and how this community asset can continue to generate unique and memorable experiences for fans, as well as economic impact for the city and region for years to come.


Why are renovations needed for Bank of America Stadium?

Charlotte has become one of the fastest growing metros in the country and a marquee destination for sports and entertainment events, many of which take place at Bank of America Stadium. Charlotte has one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL, and at the same time, Bank of America Stadium is one of the most active buildings in the NFL and MLS. In fact, nearly 40 events are held at Bank of America Stadium every year, attracting visitors from across the region and around the world.

Since 2018, Tepper Sports & Entertainment has opened the Stadium to create nearly year-round programming around our NFL schedule, including the addition of 18 soccer events, multiple stadium-filling concerts, international soccer, NCAA and high school football and 100 corporate and community events. The Stadium has also been used as a polling location and mass vaccination site. In 2023, 9 of the 10 busiest days for Uptown occurred on days when there were events at Bank of America Stadium, with all Stadium events driving more than $1.1 billion in economic impact to Charlotte in 2023.

This renovation is about modernizing the stadium to deliver elevated experiences while preserving the overall character and location that fans have known and loved for decades. Our goal is to build a collaborative partnership so that this community asset can continue to generate unique and memorable experiences for fans, as well as economic impact for the city and region for years to come.

Where do the funds come from for the City’s investment into the project?

The City's investment does not require any new or increased taxes. It would come from hospitality and tourism tax resources that are legally required by the state to be spent on projects to support the city's tourism economy. The restricted funds can't be used for other city functions like transit, education, affordable housing or public safety.

How is the proposed partnership set-up between Tepper Sports & Entertainment and the City of Charlotte?

Total investment includes:

  • A fixed investment of $650 million from the City of Charlotte over the term of the deal.
  • A total investment of $688+ million by Tepper Sports & Entertainment, including $117 million that was invested prior to June 2024 and an estimated $571 million over the term of the deal.
What is planned for the renovation?

This renovation is about modernizing the stadium to deliver elevated experiences while preserving the overall character and location that fans have known and loved for decades.

Some highlights of the renovations include:

  • Brand-new seats installed throughout the bowl.
  • All new video and technology capabilities, including new scoreboards, video signage and a state-of-the-art sound system designed to keep fans informed, entertained and engaged.
  • Exterior video boards to enable watch parties and other viewing opportunities.
  • Concourses and social areas redesigned to elevate the fan experience, including a new patio on the 500 level with stunning views of the field and skyline.
  • Improved concessions capabilities to provide a more diversified selection, featuring a reimagined food program influenced by vendors from the Carolinas.
  • The exterior landscape of the neighborhood around Bank of America Stadium elevated to enhance the park-like setting, ensure pedestrian pathways, and add new safety features and lighting.
  • Enhancements to the Stadium exterior to reaffirm its place as an iconic, beloved fixture of the Charlotte skyline, along with arts and culture elements infused throughout the design that reflect our vibrant regional culture.
  • A reimagined South Lawn Pavilion area that can be used as a community gathering spot or outdoor classroom on game days and non-event days.
  • Improved accessibility throughout the facility, designed and constructed in a way that allows individuals with a range of disabilities to have access without barriers.
  • Stadium safety and security enhancements, including associated fan safety measures such as illuminated wayfinding and lighting.
  • A reduction of our impact on the environment and demand on city infrastructure through the modernization of the building systems, including mechanical, plumbing, electrical and HVAC.
How will the project help support minority-owned and small business enterprises?

Tepper Sports & Entertainment is committed to supporting minority-owned and small business enterprises with the project and will implement a strategy that aligns with Charlotte Business Inclusion program priorities and needs. Through the launch of a proactive campaign and recruitment events, TSE is committed to enriching the candidate pool while enhancing capacity and identifying target categories for apprenticeship programs.

How will the community benefit from this renovation?

Bank of America Stadium generates economic and fiscal benefits to the City and Southeast region through labor income, hospitality and tourism spending, taxes, and invaluable national and international media exposure through events held at the venue. The increased activity at Bank of America Stadium has positively impacted businesses in and around Uptown Charlotte, with 9 of the 10 busiest days in Uptown in 2023 being on days with Stadium events. In 2023, events at the Stadium generated an annual economic impact of $1.1 billion for the Charlotte region.

Perhaps more importantly is TSE's commitment to advancing the community. The renovation will be used to engage and help build the capacity and capabilities of our region's minority-owned and small business enterprises. Additionally, since 2018, Tepper Sports & Entertainment-related entities have contributed more than $44 million to nonprofit organizations across the region, with $28 million directed to those in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

What will happen to my seats during and after the renovation?

At this stage, we don't have specific details on which PSL-Owned or Season Ticket Member seats may be impacted. As we progress through our renovation process, a representative from the Carolina Panthers or Charlotte FC will reach out directly if your seating will be impacted.

Will the stadium be closed during renovations?

Our primary objective is to establish a phased construction plan over the next several years that enables us to remain operational. We will actively collaborate with our architects and construction managers to determine the most effective approach, aiming to minimize disruption to our team members and fans. We plan to work in close collaboration with our facilities teams, fan and supporter groups and other key stakeholders to ensure we have satisfactory solutions to any potential disruptions to game-day activities.

What is the timeline?

Charlotte City Council is currently reviewing the proposal and we are in the rezoning process with our Carolina Panthers practice fields off Cedar Street. Once these processes are complete, we will be able to better estimate timing.