Brian Burns: The Seminole who became Spider-Man

If you watched Brian Burns in college, you knew the former Florida State star became known as Spider-Man with his sack celebrations and social media references.

"I always loved Spider-Man as a kid," Burns said. "But then I just took it to a whole other level when I did a sack celebration as Spider-Man. I just kept it going and now it's a part of me.

"And I'm going to keep it going in the NFL."

That much was clear on draft night.

Burns showed up wearing Spider-Man socks, which he proudly showed off. Then, when the Panthers selected him 16th overall and he took the stage to greet commissioner Roger Goodell, Burns flashed the Spider-Man web shooter pose.

Panthers fans will no doubt be eager to see his Spider-Man celebration for themselves after his first career NFL sack.

But before any of that happens, Burns has earned a celebration with family and friends. His idea of that? A trip to the movie theater, of course.

"Well, tonight I'm going to get back with my family. We're going to hang out, chill out and really just embrace this moment. And the main way I really want to celebrate and bring this moment in is by going to watch Avengers End Game." Burns said. "I can't wait to see that movie. That's how I plan on celebrating. I can't wait. It's like three hours and two minutes and I'm going to be awake and tuned in the entire time."

Check out photos from every step of the first-round pick's eventful night in Nashville, before and after becoming Carolina's pick.

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