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Cam Newton serves Thanksgiving dinner to Charlotte community


CHARLOTTE - Cam Newton was all smiles and full of charisma Monday night, hosting his annual Thanksgiving Jam at Topgolf.

"It's extremely important for people of influence to use it in a positive way," Newton said. "I was taught that, and tonight is no different – feeding well over 850 kids. This is something they'll never forget, and obviously I won't forget it.

"For this to be important to me and knowing what I mean to so many people in Charlotte, I just want to do right by them, more than just winning football games and making myself available as a servant."

For the fifth consecutive year, the Cam Newton Foundation provided more than 800 underprivileged kids a traditional Thanksgiving meal. In addition, each guest received a full second serving to prepare at home.

"I was serving right next to the green beans, and I was looking at the plates and there weren't many green beans being handed out on the plate because of choice," Newton said. "It's the holiday season, and this is the best time of the year for me. Bringing so many people together – that's the only thing an event like this makes you think about."

For Newton, it's always special to give back to the community, interact with the kids and make unforgettable memories. Monday was no different.

"I'm hoping," Newton said when asked if this could be the kids' most memorable Thanksgiving. "That's what you have a foundation for. Just to make an impact, bigger than yourself. I play football on Sundays, but so much of me is bigger than football and there's more to it than running touchdowns and throwing touchdowns."

View photos from the fifth annual Cam's Thanksgiving Jam at TopGolf Charlotte.

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