Damiere Byrd among a handful of Panthers on 'Bubble Watch' 

Carolina Panthers' Damiere Byrd, center, runs after a catch during an NFL football practice at the team's training camp in Spartanburg, S.C., Monday, July 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Damiere Byrd has been here before.

Three times, to be exact.

"Every year I feel like it's, 'Are we keeping five or are we keeping six?'" Byrd said Thursday after the Panthers wrapped up their preseason in Pittsburgh.

As an undrafted rookie in 2015, Byrd fell short of the final roster when its makeup included only five wide receivers. But during each of the past two cuts to 53, the Panthers kept six wideouts – including Byrd. Now with Saturday's cutdown approaching, his fate is yet again dependent on numbers.

Byrd is a good bet to make the roster. That's not "lock" status, though. That group's made up of Devin Funchess, DJ Moore, Torrey Smith, Jarius Wright and Curtis Samuel.

"Whatever I could control, I think I did," Byrd said. "I think this training camp was the most consistent for me. Looking back at other training camps, I think it was my best one. I didn't score any touchdowns like I did last preseason, so that can be deceiving."

Byrd finished this preseason with five receptions for 55 yards. He more than doubled that yardage (119) while leading the league with three touchdown receptions in last year's exhibitions. This year, it was Mose Frazier's turn to grab an NFC-leading three scores. But Frazier has neither Byrd's speed or return ability – two reasons why the Panthers should be able to find a way to make the numbers work.

"I know the spot that I'm in. I know it could easily go either way," Byrd said.

"I think the best thing for me is I don't have any plays where I'm regretting and going back and looking like, 'Ah, I wish I made that play. I wish I did this. I wish I did that.' I think I legit have done everything I could whether it was kick returns, punt returns or offensively."

Meanwhile, here's what some other "bubble guys" said when asked if they've made enough of an impression to make the final roster.

Frazier: "I feel like I have. It's not in my hands. I can't control it. I did everything I could on the field, and it's up to the coaches now."

Guard Brendan Mahon: "I feel like I gave it my best this camp, and I guess we'll wait to see what happens. I really think with Coach (John) Matsko and the leadership of some of the older guys I've really improved a lot of my technique from college to this level."

Defensive end Efe Obada: "There's some things that I'm not happy about, but I did some good things. I feel like my rush is getting better. It's out of my hands right now. … (Being put back on the practice squad) is not what I want right now. I feel like I'm ready. I feel like I can compete and I feel like I can help this team win."

Defensive end Bryan Cox Jr: "Honestly, I don't know. The coaches (and general manager) make that decision. I think I played pretty well, but I don't know if it was enough."

Linebacker Jermaine Carter: "Hopefully I've put enough film on to show the coaches that I do belong. But I never want to get too complacent or too satisfied. I guess I'll just wait for Saturday and we'll find out."

Linebacker Andre Smith: "It's obviously a cut-throat league. People are released every day. That's the business. I knew that when I signed up. Unfortunately I got hurt. The practices before the first game I was doing pretty good and then (against the Steelers) I was OK. We'll see, depending on how many 'backers they keep."

Cornerback Corn Elder: "I feel like I did. I feel like I played pretty well. I gave it my all, so if that's good enough, that's good enough. We'll see."