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Carolina Panthers

DJ Moore officially changes jersey number to No. 2


CHARLOTTE — It's a new look for DJ Moore.

But it's also an old one, which he thinks suits him.

The Panthers wide receiver officially changed his jersey number from 12 to 2 on Friday, and will have it on next week when the team gathers for OTAs.

While Moore wore No. 1 when he was at Maryland (following Bills star receiver Stefon Diggs), the new number goes back further.

"(It) came about when I was in little league," Moore said. "It was my first ever real number I had when I won a championship when I was 5 years old.

"I still have the same exact jersey."

Now he has a lot more old jerseys to go with it.

For veteran players to change to single digits this year, they had to be willing to buy back all the inventory of their old jerseys. It's not an insignificant cost.

"It wasn't hard, I think it'll be a good investment in the long run," Moore said. "I think single digits look good on me because that's what I wore my whole life.

"And plus, it's something new."

The NFL recently passed a rule change allowing for a wider range of jersey numbers for different position groups. Thus, Moore will become the first non-quarterback to wear No. 2 in a game for Carolina.

Moore announced the move on his personal Instagram account.

Quarterback Tommy Stevens, who was listed at No. 2 this spring, will move back to No. 15, the number he wore in his one appearance in Week 17 against New Orleans last year.

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