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Carolina Panthers

Flashback Friday: Jake Delhomme remembers ripped pants incident

In the latest episode of "Inside Scoop," Hall of Honor quarterback Jake Delhomme recalled one of his most memorable moments in Carolina — and it wasn't one of his 23 game-winning drives.

"I always wanted to go down in history when I was growing up," Delhomme told Kristen Balboni. "I didn't know it would be for football follies with my behind hanging out."

In the 2005 regular season finale in Atlanta, Delhomme was dragged down for a sack during the game's first drive. As he slid across the ground, a defender's cleats lodged in Delhomme's pants, ripping a gaping hole near his backside.

"I feel like a burn on my behind and then cold air," Delhomme said. "I remember reaching, and I'm like, 'My butt's hanging out.' Then I looked at the ref and started pointing, and he starts giggling."

Delhomme had to burn a timeout to get the pants taped up. After he returned, he finished the drive with a 12-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Ricky Proehl. But then Delhomme had to change his pants behind a tent of towels on the sideline.

"There were some ladies on the front row with dollar bills waving at me and laughing," said Delhomme, who still has the ripped pants. 

"I was never really big on keeping uniform stuff or game stuff. But for whatever reason, I kept those pants."

Photos of quarterback Jake Delhomme throughout his years as a Carolina Panther.

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