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Luke Kuechly, Panthers launch Keep Pounding Tour: Germany Edition

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The Panthers' International Home Marketing Area (IMHA) initiative with Germany kept rolling in February.

Representatives from the team and a group of guests, which included Panthers legend Luke Kuechly, flag football representatives, marketing employees, six TopCats, and five members of PurrCussion, took the 11-day Carolina Panthers Keep Pounding Tour: Germany Edition across the country from Feb. 12-22.

The tour promoted the Panthers brand and connected with communities in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, and Düsseldorf through collaborations, youth flag football and dance clinics, and various fan activation events.

The tour started with a sold-out Super Bowl watch party at Eintracht Frankfurt Stadium, where over 1,000 Germans came to watch the game, which kicked off at 12:30 a.m. local time. Kuechly signed autographs, Panthers entertainment performed, and the team led singalongs while promoting the brand in an event that lasted until 5 a.m. in Frankfurt.

"The energy that the fans brought to the watch party was unbelievable," Kuechly said. "They know what is happening inside the game, and it was such a great experience to interact and talk to so many people that were really excited about NFL football and the Panthers."

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The group traveled to Munich the following Monday and set up a fan activation event at a bar, decking out the space in Panthers colors and paraphernalia, holding a question-and-answer session with Kuechly, hosting performances, and conducting giveaways to support the Panthers brand.

On Tuesday morning, the Panthers hosted a flag football and dance clinic along with the Munich Rangers, an American football team, which helped with coaching.

"I am super passionate about the game of football and teaching the fundamentals of this game to the younger generation," Kuechly said. "We used the flag football clinics to teach the game's fundamentals, getting everyone dialed in with specific skills. It was such a great experience for us. The kids attending the clinics and the fans were really receptive. They have so much support for the Panthers in Germany, and we were super happy to be there."

The Panthers traveled to Berlin on Tuesday night before holding another flag football and dance event Wednesday with the Berlin Adler, an American football team who brought in some of their coaches to work alongside the Panthers. Great weather and bright sunshine were on hand for the Berlin event, and Kuechly appeared on Good Morning Football before signing autographs and continuing the Panthers' celebration.

Olympic Stadium

Later Wednesday, the Panthers group visited German landmarks and held another event in Berlin at Belushi's, putting on shows, bringing along a DJ, and continuing to grow the Panthers brand with its German fanbase.

The Panthers continued to tour around Germany in the branded bus that escorted them across the country. They toured landmarks during their stops in Munich and Berlin, including the Brandenburg Gate and the Olympic Stadium.

From there, the group went on to Düsseldorf on Thursday, during the first days of the Düsseldorf Carnival, with costumes and a street parade. The Panthers held a flag football and dance clinic on Friday, partnering with the City of Düsseldorf and members of the Düsseldorf Panther, another American football team in Germany.

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On Saturday, the Panthers returned to Frankfurt, and Kuechly attended an Eintracht Frankfurt Bundesliga match – his first European soccer game.

The efforts in Germany come after the December 2021 announcement by the NFL that awarded the Carolina Panthers International Home Marketing Area (IMHA) rights in Germany. These rights give the Panthers access to Germany for marketing, fan engagement, and commercialization as part of the NFL's long-term, strategic effort to build global brands and drive international NFL fan growth. Participation in the International Home Marketing Area (IMHA) initiative spans 19 teams across 10 different countries.

With the NFL's commitment to International Games (all 32 teams will play at least one international game in the next eight seasons), the League will use its best efforts to ensure clubs play their international games in their International Home Marketing Areas (IMHAs), where possible.

View photos from the various stops in German cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf as Panthers legend Luke Kuechly and other representatives hosted clinics and events for Panthers fans in Germany.

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