Norv Turner Q&A: That final fourth-down call and preparing both quarterbacks 

Offensive coordinator Norv Turner met with the media for a few minutes after Thursday's practice. Below is a transcript of the Q&A.

On what Kyle Allen offers: "I think the best thing I can tell you to do is go look at our last game of the season last year. That's the way we expect him to play, he played at a high level."

On level of confidence in Kyle: "I don't want to be presumptuous here. There's things that we evaluate and things that we like that he does real well, things that if he doesn't do them great we're going to limit it."

On the final play vs. Tampa Bay: "It's a play we had in our playbook and I don't know that we executed it as well as we could, but I thought that they defended it well."

On preparing as though Allen is the starter: "When you have this situation, obviously, we're getting Cam ready to play. If he's able to play, then that's, obviously, mentally he's ready to go. Just like we did a year ago in the second half of the season, Kyle's taking the reps. So, basically we're getting both guys ready."

On how hard it is if a starter doesn't get practice reps: "Well Cam's done that, obviously, through the last couple of years. It's not an ideal thing. When you really look back, he had four practices before the Rams game, he had basically one practice before the Thursday night game, that didn't play into his advantage from a health standpoint, but that's part of this league."

On lack of running and the foot factor: "You know, obviously, the foot's not 100 percent, but it's not an injury. A lot of guys go out and play with a sore shoulder, sore knee, sore foot, whatever it might be. I would attribute it more to the way the Rams defended us, and the way Tampa defended us. They took the zone read stuff. They were going to make him give it to the back. The times he tried to keep it; it wasn't very good. When we looked at the Rams in the offseason, we took 76 of those type plays, and they forced the quarterback to give 74, so that's the way they're going to play that. They're going to make you give the ball to the back and keep the quarterback off the edge. Those things usually work out in an entire season."

On helping Darryl Williams and the affect on play-calling: "Yeah, and we did that a lot, and there's times that you want to do that and there's times that you can't. The message to our team before the game was this team is going to overload us, they're going to outnumber us, and they're going to make us block and beat them one-on-one, and the times we won the one-on-one's we had success. The times we didn't, you guys saw what happened."

On when Cam might feel back to normal: "You know, that's a question for Cam, and you'd probably go through Ron (Rivera) to get the answer. I've spent time with him the last couple days. His spirits are good, he's feeling better, it's just a wait and see thing."

On Kyle Allen's likable qualities: "First of all, I like both our young quarterbacks. The number one thing you start with is arm talent, and they both throw the ball extremely well. Kyle has more experience. He's played in games. He's accurate, he makes good decisions, I don't think the game's too big for him."

On Greg Little possibly getting playing time: "Yeah, I know what we're doing on the offensive line, but I think that's why everyone turns the TV on, to go see the games."