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Carolina Panthers

Panthers launch voter engagement initiative

The Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Panthers Player Impact Committee are launching "Your Vote Counts," a nonpartisan initiative that aims to educate, register and mobilize voters in the Carolinas. The initiative will work alongside local, state and national nonpartisan voter engagement organizations and utilize the Panthers' reach to encourage voters and help make the voting process safer and easier.

An informed and engaged electorate is the bedrock of the American democratic process. The more citizens vote, the stronger our society becomes.


This initiative comes on the heels of the news that Bank of America Stadium has been approved by the North Carolina State Board of Elections to serve as an early voting precinct this October.

From Oct. 15-31, registered voters in Mecklenburg County can come to the stadium, regardless of their designated polling place, and cast their ballot early. Voters who wish to cast their ballot at the stadium, can enter through the Luxe lobby on the north side of the stadium.

In the effort to provide resources for the various communities of North and South Carolina, the Panthers have created a web hub with important information and direct links to online registration portals, registration eligibility requirements and sample ballots to help voters research candidates and issues. The Panthers will offer team employees the opportunity to train as poll workers and become a part of the democratic process.

The new initiative hopes to work with other nonpartisan voter engagement organizations and utilize the Panthers' reach to encourage first-time voters and help make the voting process more straightforward.

Voting means more than showing up once every four years for a presidential election. It also means engaging with local, regional and state issues to make every voice heard.

The Panthers are committed to making your vote count!

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