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Even if he doesn't face Lions, Teddy Bridgewater relieved to escape major injury

Teddy Bridgewater

CHARLOTTE – Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater isn't sure whether he can play or not this week.

But given his track record, at least he knew it wasn't the worst-case scenario.

Bridgewater left last week's loss to the Buccaneers with a right knee injury, but after his traumatic left knee injury in 2016, he knows what a bad one feels like.

This one apparently wasn't it.

"Honestly, I was fine in my mind," Bridgewater said Wednesday. "Being what I went through with my left knee, I knew the feeling I was feeling and it wasn't the same.

"So I didn't have too many concerns or anything like that."

Bridgewater emphasized that he didn't know if he'd be able to go Sunday against the Lions, but he did say he'd have a sense of his readiness based on how he felt on the practice field this week. But he wasn't stepping on any landmines when asked if he'd be able to play if the game was tomorrow.

"I'll leave that up to the coaches, if we had a (hypothetical) game tomorrow," he said. "Right now, it's about being a great teammate, each day getting better."

See pictures from Thursday's practice as Carolina readies to take on the Lions.

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