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Daily Roundup 9/6: All Smiles

Questions about what can be expected of Norv Turner's offense, expectations of Christian McCaffrey's usage, behind the curtain with Cam Newton, and, of course, BOLD PREDICTIONS! All that and more in Thursday's edition of the Daily Roundup.

**Sports Illustrated depicted a new reality for Christian McCaffrey** as he begins his sophomore year in the NFL.

"It's good to be McCaffrey, especially here and now. The tinkering being done to the Panthers offense could remove the cinder blocks off their most unique stars. New coordinator Norv Turner doesn't see a problem with Cam Newton running again. And while he recoils at the LaDainian Tomlinson comparisons for McCaffrey, it's clear he envisions a player who can knife a defense open on every down."


**The Charlotte Observer wrote about the great energy** coming from Cam Newton on a Wednesday afternoon at the podium:

"[Newton] said he feels a 'great energy' from the team and around the city of Charlotte as the Panthers' season opener against Dallas approaches. It's because he missed football, and he gets it back for real on Sunday."

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** pushed to put Cam Newton into perspective** as he begins the eighth year of his career, potentially starting a new chapter of it with a new offensive coordinator in Norv Turner:

"Turner has coached a lot of great quarterbacks, such as Troy Aikman, Brees and Philip Rivers. He has never been around one as dynamic as Newton in terms of being a runner and passer. He believes Newton is the most dangerous player in the NFL with the ball in his hands.

So when asked to sum up the first chapter of Newton's career, that he began with "pretty amazing" was a shock.

'Numbers aren't the most important thing to me, but when you look at his numbers, it's pretty incredible the total yards passing, running, all those things he's accomplished,' he said."

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**The Athletic did a deep-dive on the relationship between QB and coach**, breaking down the years of Cam Newton and Ron Rivera together and their unique relationship.

"Through the ups and downs of eight seasons that included real-life turmoil (Newton rolled his truck in 2014, Rivera's house burned in '15), injuries to the QB, an MVP trophy for Newton and two Coach-of-the-Year awards for Rivera, Rivera said one thing has remained constant with his franchise quarterback:

'Everything he does is about winning,' Rivera said.

'That's probably the biggest thing I've learned about him,' he added. 'He's always been honest with me and been upfront. Any issue we've ever had, we've dealt with. It's what you want in one of your leaders on the football team.'"


**The Associated Press wrote about the question marks that many have** with the Panthers new offense under Norv Turner.

"Cam Newton says he's extremely comfortable playing in new coordinator Norv Turner's scheme and is thrilled with the talent the Panthers have surrounded him with on offense.

But the eighth-year quarterback isn't going out on a limb and making predictions on what Carolina might achieve this season."


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