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Get to know new defensive end Stephen Weatherly


The Panthers on Monday officially signed defensive end Stephen Weatherly. The former Viking spent his first four seasons in Minnesota, where he carved out a meaningful role after he was picked in the seventh round of the 2016 Draft.

Before Weatherly sets up in a three-point stance, get to know the new Panthers defensive end.

The Music Man

Weatherly is more than just a football player. With an eclectic set of hobbies and an ever-inquisitive mind, the defensive end wears a number of hats. One of those titles is as a musician.

Weatherly can play nine different instruments. That's right, nine.

He grew up learning to play the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba and tenor saxophone, and because seven wasn't enough, he took up steel drums and piano while in college.

Outside his comfort zone

In case his various musical endeavors didn't already give it away, Weatherly has a passion for trying new things. From baking to glass blowing, Weatherly is always in pursuit of a new hobby, and there is little he won't try.

During his time in Minnesota, the Vikings embraced his adventurous personality and created "The Weatherly Report," a team-produced video series where Weatherly explored a new trade each episode. The series took him to the Minnesota State Fair selling cookies, into laboratories filled with scientists at Ecolab, and behind the counter as a barista at Caribou Coffee.

Earlier this month, Weatherly took to Twitter to find even more activities to test out:

So far, Weatherly has added 3D puzzles to his repertoire, but there are plenty of fan suggestions coming in that will keep him busy.

A devotion to reading

During his time in Minnesota, Weatherly and public service have gone hand in hand. Whether it's through social justice projects or community engagement, the defensive end was always striving to help those in need. One initiative, a reading program in partnership with charter schools in the area and the Knowledge Is Power Program, has made a huge impact on local children.

The program works with over 500 students in the school system to stress the importance of literacy in academic achievement as well as raise awareness surrounding the achievement gap in Minneapolis schools.

View photos of defensive end Stephen Weatherly during his time with the Vikings.

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