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Opposing View: Colts Coach Frank Reich Transcript

Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich spoke to the Charlotte media on Wednesday via phone. Below is the transcript:

How far back do you evaluate the tape of QB Will Grier?

"We'll certainly dig hard into the preseason, and maybe even a little bit back into college. It's a two-fold thing. You're looking for information on him, and just the way he plays, the kinds of throws that he makes, and his best kind of throws, but also it's really – the flip side to that is it's just more about the system. They're not really going to change the system. It's late in the year, their system is what it is. So, we'll prepare against the system as well."

Have you seen any changes in the offense after Scott Turner took over as offensive coordinator?

"Just small, little subtle things, but nothing major, no."

What were your impressions of Grier out of college?

"Yeah – I don't remember all my write-up on him. I do remember thinking I do remember being impressed by him, that he had a really good career. I seem to remember a quality leader, leadership stuff. I'm always excited when new quarterbacks get an opportunity in this league, being a former quarterback myself. I like to follow these guys as they get their opportunities. Obviously, we're hoping for our best against the game this week, but I still root for quarterbacks, and I know what it feels like to get your first start. Good opportunity for him, and it'll be good challenge for us."

On his first start as a quarterback.

"It was on Monday Night Football against the Rams – against a Rams team that was undefeated at the time. It's always an exciting time for the quarterback. What I learned in that moment, and I'm sure Will feels the same way, is don't try to be a hero. You go out and you do your job, and you trust your teammates, and just play good football."

How difficult it is to game plan against Christian McCaffrey?

"Well, you're right, he has a very unique skillset in that. He has elite physical traits, Christian does, and everybody knows that, and some of it you can try to mimic with your faster, quicker players to show that to the starting defense, but then some of it you really don't that speed and quickness until you see it live. We'll do everything we can, we'll mix up our backs a little bit and make sure that we've got some guys who can move and shake. We'll get them in there, but we know that this guy is truly one of the elite backs in this league. Having an unbelievable year, fun to watch, just a great player, great ambassador for the game. So, it'll be fun going up against him."

What's your take on DJ Moore?

"Yeah I really liked him, great speed. Obviously, a fellow Maryland Terrapin. He was a guy who I had really high marks on coming out. We really liked him here, and a very good and productive player. So, I have a high regard for him."

Does his skillset reminds you of anyone you've coached or prepared for?

"Not off the top of my head. I'm not in that mode right now, but a great question. He does have combination of speed and size. He's not slight, he's got some substance to him, he's got strength, good run after catch. Really good all-around receiver."

What did you take away from how Grier performed in the preseason?

"I have not seen his preseason film yet. My first couple days here are more spent on the Panthers defense – really getting zoned in there. As the week goes on, I'll talk with our defensive coordinator. I'll end up having a chance to look at a little bit of his preseason film and make any observations that I need to make at that point."