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Opposing View: Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Transcript


Seattle head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the Charlotte media on Wednesday via phone. Below is the transcript:

On the state of the Seahawks after the loss against the Rams:
"There's a lot going on that we're excited about, probably for this week and the next weeks coming up. It wasn't a good outing there in LA, but we've got to get back on track and get going, and play good football, and see how far we can take it."

On the type of player Bruce Irvin was for him for many years:
He was a terrific player for us. As you guys are playing him at linebacker and a primary rush guy in the nickel packages – that's what he did for us too. Terrific all-around athlete and a terrific competitor. He was always a really big part of what we were doing."

On the season QB Russell Wilson has had so far:
"He's had a terrific season. Been at his best and the consistency has been there. Just continue to grow with the position and learn as he gets into these years – he's in year eight. He's just been really effective. The consistency is what's really marvelous about Russ, going all the way back to all of the wins he's put together over the years. He's been one of the winningest guys to ever step into this league, and it's because of his ability, and his resolve, and his competitiveness, and of course that marvelous consistency."

On what he sees from this Panthers team on film:
"Well, I see a lot of fire-power. A lot of special players – players with a lot of special dynamics. They run well, in general. They're playmakers out there on both sides of the ball. So, they look very dangerous scheme wise. They do difficult stuff. Norv (Turner) has always been a really big factor in putting together good offenses. I know that they shifted the roles a little bit there, but it still has his makeup all over it. So, that's always made it difficult. They're sound in their defense to their personnel really well. It's a difficult team.

On if it's going to be weird coaching against a Panthers team without Ron Rivera on the sideline:
"Yeah, we really have had terrific matchups. It's been some classic games that we've played, on both ends, in both stadiums. I've really respected Ron and his work, and the way he's handled his team for years. It is different not playing against him, and really miss that part of the competition."

On his recollection of Perry Fewell:
"Not well, but I've respected his work for a long time. He's been a terrific DB (defensive back) guy for years."

On how quickly he identifies younger guys as potential leaders in the future:
"It's a really important part of the evaluation process. The height, and weight, and speed stuff is pretty easily documented. It's the nature, and the makeup, and the mentality, the competitiveness of the player that we're trying to always determine – and that usually is what takes these guys to their heights. We're always looking for the guys that have the right kind of makeup. We've always had a bunch of guys with chips on their shoulders and who have something to prove. Those guys are usually are the ones that push to the front and develop themselves as leaders in the program."

On if they scouted Shaq Thompson and what he liked from him:
"Of course, he's a great player. Terrific all-around ball player. He's kind of like a defensive back athlete playing linebacker. Can cover, can blitz, tough, he's really instinctive – he's got everything that you're looking for."