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Carolina Panthers

Opposing View: Packers Coach Matt LaFleur Transcript


Panthers QB Kyle Allen

"I think he's progressing nicely. He looks more, and more comfortable. He's a guy that is a natural thrower and he can make plays outside the pocket. So, we definitely have our hands full with him."

Allen's pocket presence

"I think that's just something that comes with reps. You've got to give credit. I think a lot of guys are playing well around him. I think Norv Turner does – and he has for such a long time – a great job with that offense and specifically with Kyle Allen. Our defense is going to have a good challenge in front of them."

Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey

"I just think he's a complete back. You look at it in all three phases, whether he's running the football, or catching a ball out of the backfield, or he's pass blocking – he can do it all. He's certainly one of the elite weapons in this game."

Facing Carolina's defense

"I think it's extremely challenging. Number one, it's a very, very sound system and it's a very aggressive system. You look at these guys and how they penetrate up front. Of course you've got (Luke) Kuechly right there in the middle that's directing traffic. He's essentially a coach on the field. He helps those guys go. What's so amazing about him is his ability to diagnose what's going on and kind of beat everybody to the spot, and he's been doing it for a long time. We're going to have to play our best in order to come out on top."

Panthers LB Luke Kuechly affecting offensive game plans

"Absolutely – just like you're talking about, if the quarterback checks, he checks. If the quarterback checks something else, he checks to something else. He's essentially a coach on the field. I know going back to my time in Atlanta, he was a guy that we were always concerned about, because he knows exactly what's going on. I'm sure he studies every snap of tape and TV copies, so he picks up on things, he picks up on your calls. He's a heck of a player."

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers matching up with Kuechly

"It's probably fun for you guys. It's not fun going against him, I'll tell you that much. You got to be creative. You got to try to keep him off balance and do things where he thinks one thing is coming and you hit him with a counter punch. That's exactly what we're going to have to do in order for us to have success. He's just too good."

Carolina's defensive scheme

"I don't want to say it's that much different. I just think the way they come off the ball up front, that's always been the case. They can throw a lot of different guys at you. If you look at the stats, they've got multiple guys with multiple sacks and that's just rare in this league."