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Letters from the Panthers for National Girls and Women in Sports Day | Carolina Panthers -

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Letter from Nicole Tepper

Letter from Nicole Tepper

Letters from Panthers Employees

Dear Future Women in Sports,

The challenges that come with being a female in this business are largely out of our control. I've always focused on things I can control. Having a strong work ethic, treating people fairly and with respect, and consistently making decisions that are in the best interest of the organization and the NFL overall...those are the things that we can control. I have always believed that if I approach each day with those guiding principles, the rest would take care of itself. I challenge you to do the same and see where it takes you. Keep Pounding!

All the Best,

Kristi C.

Dear Future Entertainment Coordinator,

Here's to every 8-count, every weigh-in, every missing toenail, every "I can't, I have dance," and every single no that led to this one yes. 

You've been given the rope to raise and lower the curtain on a lot of people's dreams and don't you dare take that lightly. The truth of the matter is, it's no longer about you. Your job is to create a platform to give back to our neighborhoods, build programs that inspire the youth to run head-on towards their aspirations, forge a team as beautiful and diverse as the community you walk around in, lead them to know they are worthy and deserving of all of it, and lose your mind on third down.

In this world, you will hear it's just business, or it's nothing personal - but this is sports, it's all heart and the day that yours is no longer in it, is the day you hand the keys to someone new.

Chandalae L.
Entertainment Coordinator

To the Future Women of Sports –

If you're like me, you may have grown up with misrepresentation, ridiculous societal standards, and expectations of who we should be and how we should act. Growing up, I thought I would never escape these labels, but at some point, I decided to change that mindset. I decided to take charge of my future, to live fearlessly as myself, and to manifest my dreams without fear of being judged. We live in an age where it is so easy to compare ourselves to others' success, and it's even easier to think that you'll never amount to that. What you don't always see is the struggles each person went through to get where they are. I encourage every woman reading this with the dream of working in sports to remember that comparison is the thief of joy and that anxious voice in your head can only have the power to control you if you let it. My advice to you is to take control of your mindset, set your goals, manifest your dreams, be kind to others and to yourself. Know that you have a community of women who are rooting for you every step of the way. I see myself in each and every one of you, and I know you will succeed. You will achieve, and you will change the world. Lastly, be confident in yourself and what you offer that no one's perception of you can shake who you know yourself to be.

With love,
Hannah xx

Dear Future Sports Marketer,

You've got this! Be willing to do the grunt work and earn your position through hard work. The days will feel long, but you will grow to love it, and eventually it becomes a part of you. You will never attend another sporting event the same way again. In fact, you will be shocked at how much goes into it that you didn't notice in the past and amazed and the small part you played in bringing this much joy to fans and the community.

Relationships are everything. Show your coworkers and teammates that you believe in them, support them and build trust in their ability to get the work done. Mistakes happen – own them immediately, learn from them and move on … don't forget to give others the same grace.

Work-life balance will be a constant challenge but set your limitation based on what you need to be successful in both areas. Check-in with yourself often – it is okay to tip the scales based on your stage of life. It won't always be perfect, and that is okay, but it is important to set boundaries and learn your own limitations.

Be Inspired - Find another woman to look up to in this industry and fearlessly strive for success. Don't forget to speak up, your ideas are good, and people will appreciate your confidence. Above all else, don't be afraid to take risks because it opens the possibility for the greatest reward.

Remember, you are marketing a product people love, that they cry and scream out for, a logo they tattoo on their bodies, a color pallet they paint on their children's faces. You're lucky. Be inspired by the culture and the passion of those who support the brand. Do it for them.

Best Wishes

Dear Future Woman in Sports, 

The biggest piece of advice I can share with you is to find your "why" and let that lead you in this industry. 

You will hear "no" often and that will discourage you, but don't let it. Once you get to where you're going, it will make it all so worth it. This will require a lot of patience but trust the process. You'll be stronger for it. 

Be comfortable with stepping outside of your comfort zone. Say yes to new opportunities, even if they take you far from home. You will learn so much about who you are and what you want to do with your career when you have that time to yourself. 

And lastly, stay true to who you are because, at the end of the day, that is how you'll be remembered.


Elise D.

Dear Future Service Manager,

As you begin your career in sports, I want to leave you with a few lessons I have learned throughout the years.

  • Be Kind. Not only to those around you but to yourself as well. The kindness you show will always be remembered and appreciated.
  • Be Intentional. With your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Ask Questions. Do not be afraid to let your voice be heard. Take advantage of all of the opportunities you will have to be in the room with some incredible leaders. This also means do not be afraid to ask the tough questions and speak up for what you believe in - trust your gut.
  • Listen. You will have the opportunity to come across people from all walks of life. Listen and learn from them.
  • Find Balance. This will be one of the greatest challenges, but you have to make sure to make your mental health a priority. Take time to spend with the people that make you happy and do the things that bring you joy.

Lastly, enjoy every moment of it!

Caitlin R.

Dear Future Retail Marketing Super Star,

You are smarter and wiser than you think and will succeed at anything you put your mind to. Don't let someone's "No" get you off track. One closed door is a redirection to your greater calling. Don't be afraid to fail and try something new. Pick yourself back up and be resilient. Learn to speak up for yourself, even when everyone in the room looks different than you. You are smart, strong, and courageous. I am so proud of who you will become one day.


Dear Future Social Media Coordinator, 

Be creative, be brave, and be strong. 
- Being creative might sound like a given, but it's still important to look for inspiration everywhere. Push ideas past what you normally see. Find something new and innovative. 
- Be brave. This is a must for women in sports. It's easy to feel outnumbered by men. You will need to advocate and be vocal about your ideas and projects. 
- Be strong. This job is on 24 hours a day. It takes strength to move past bad days. We can't control public response, but we can create better content each day.

Megan V.

To the future Community Relations intern,

The biggest thing I have learned in being a post-grad intern is that even though failure is inevitable, it is also an opportunity to learn. There have been countless times where I have had to admit that I don't know how to do something or I don't know how to solve the problem (because CR is a LOT of solving problems), but I've had to learn that being an intern is what failing and learning is for. There are so many resources around you in so many departments, and they're all rooting for you and want to help you learn. And quite frankly, they probably will anticipate some failures because they were in my shoes once too. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, it's a hard adjustment coming out of college and embracing an even wider worldview, but the failures and the not-so-perfect moments – along with the incredible support of teammates – allow for so much growth. So to the future Community Relations intern: don't be afraid to fail.

Lauren S.

Dear Future Community Relations Coordinator: 

Over the years, you will face many challenges and learn to overcome them. I have decided not to let failure deter me, and that resiliency is what matters most. You're going to work harder than anyone in the room, feel more uncomfortable than the guy across from you and question your voice. I promise you, these trials and tribulations are SO worth it! You'll be a stronger advocate for your community and for yourself. 

Never lose your humanity and compassion for those around you. The platform and opportunities a professional sports organization allows are exciting. You get to support the community in so many ways and that is truly special. Trust the process, trust your intuition, enjoy the ride and always follow your passion. Let it set your soul on fire!

Jill C.