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Carolina Panthers

5 Questions With Pro Bowler Thomas Davis


Catching up with LB Thomas Davis in Orlando.

1) What does it mean to you to be a Pro Bowl captain?

"It's definitely an honor to be announced as a captain for the Pro Bowl. There are so many great players. This is the best of the best. To be recognized as a captain amongst this group is definitely an honor."

2) What do you enjoy about coming to the Pro Bowl?

"I feel like this is truly a fraternity. It's not easy to get here. There are so many guys that are home right now wishing they could be here. At the start of this Pro Bowl season, I was one of those guys. But I had an opportunity to come as an alternate with (Vikings LB Anthony Barr) dropping out, so it's a great time to bring my family out here and enjoy this week."

3) How does it feel to earn three straight Pro Bowls after being left out for so many years?

"It definitely feels good to be recognized. I feel like I put in the level of play to gain that recognition a long time ago. But that doesn't take away from having the opportunity to be here three years in a row understanding what that really means to me."

4) What is it like teaming up with division rivals?

"You know, it's a little weird out here mingling with those guys. But we're on the same team this week and we're here to win for the NFC. It's great to be out here in a different atmosphere with these guys and competing on the same side."

5) What is your favorite ride at Disney World?

"The Tower of Terror."

View photos of the Panthers as they participate in the 2018 Pro Bowl in Orlando, FL.

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