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5 Questions With Pro Bowler Trai Turner


1.) If I told you 10 years ago that you would have made three Pro Bowl teams by the time you turned 25, what would you have said?

"I'd probably just start smiling and be like, 'oooooh!' Nah, I'd just start smiling. I wouldn't really know what to say." 

2.) How hard do offensive linemen try during the Pro Bowl?

"It depends. When the game gets going, you start off kind of slow. But this is our livelihood and you want to protect one another. But depending on how the game's going, if it's going, it turns up a little bit." 

3.) How hard do defensive linemen try?

"It depends. If they see an open sack, they'll take it. That's all they want is sacks, anyway." 

4.) Are you excited to have more Turners helping the offense?

"100 percent. I talked to Coach Norv not too long ago after he got signed. He was ecstatic to be here, I'm ecstatic to have him and I think he's going to do some good things for our offense and this team." 

5.) Who's your favorite Disney character and why?

"Goofy because I feel he's the most relatable to me. Everybody laughs at Goofy, but nobody plays with Goofy. You know what I'm saying? You can laugh and have fun, but when it's time to roll and be serious, Goofy's the man." 

View photos of Thomas Davis, Trai Turner and Graham Gano at Pro Bowl practice on Thursday.

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