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Carolina Panthers

A.J. Klein Q&A

On defense's cohesiveness: "I want to start with the leaders of the defense – two of the best guys in the NFL in my position group. Luke (Kuechly) and TD (Thomas Davis), it starts with the culture they've built. I'm not going to leave Charles (Johnson) out or any of the veterans that have been here for a long time. As a defense, we go out of our way to make sure we get to know our teammates. (Defensive coordinator Sean) McDermott does a little session every evening when we meet and tell two truths and a lie, just to get to know your teammates."

On continuity within coaching staff: "That continuity is huge, and the cohesiveness we have in our position groups and the coaching staff. Great communication, and it always helps to be in the same defensive scheme. I've been in the same defensive scheme for four years. Now everything clicks. The longer you can be in the same scheme, the better you are going to be. It is showing on the field. We drill the easy stuff every day in practice."

On playing both inside and outside linebacker: "It comes from studying and understanding the defense, and me knowing my role and what the coaches expect of me. From Day One since I got here, they've told me I was going to be flipped from position to position. I do my best to stay studied up, and whatever position they need me at, that's where I'll be. That hasn't changed since I got here as a rookie."

On his role: "My role has been very clear-cut since I got here – playing multiple positions, being a special teamer, and I take a lot of pride in that. To be able to versatile is my game. That's how I'm going to see the playing field. I understand that, and I just buy into that 110 percent."


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