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Carolina Panthers

Addison, Lotulelei suffer ankle sprains


CHARLOTTE – Defensive linemen Mario Addison and Star Lotulelei suffered ankle sprains during Thursday's win over the Dallas Cowboys, but neither are of the dreaded "high-ankle" variety.

"Mario sprained his ankle. Fortunate it's not a high-ankle sprain," head coach Ron Rivera said. "They have to get it calmed down right now. He'll be in a walking boot for a little bit. Star rolled his ankle on the very first series."

A few extra days off come at a great time for Addison, Lotulelei and other injured Panthers like cornerback Charles Tillman (knee) and wide receiver Philly Brown (shoulder) who missed the previous two games.

"It's outstanding, it really is, especially since we have some ankle sprains and a few other guys coming back from injuries," said Rivera, whose team had an early bye back in Week 5. "That will give guys a chance to heal up and that will be good. A few days without having to put pads, a few days without having to stress and deal with game preparation will be good for the men."

View the top photos by team photographer Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez from Carolina's game against Dallas.

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