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Ask Bryan: Super Bowl uniforms

I heard that the Broncos will wear white in the Super Bowl, but you said in one of your recent articles that we would wear white. What's the deal? – Rob in Latham, N.J.

I did indeed say that, incorrectly as it turns out. As the designated home team, the Broncos did something pretty rare and chose to wear white, which resulted in the Panthers' decision to wear black jerseys and silver pants.

The home team designation has always rotated between the AFC team (in even years) and the NFC team (in odd years). For the first 12 Super Bowls, the NFL designated that home team wear their colored jerseys while the road team wore white. Beginning with Super Bowl XIII in 1979, the home team was given the option to choose its colors, and Denver is just the fifth home team in 38 games to select white.

For the record, the Panthers could not have chosen to wear their blue jerseys. The NFL does not allow alternate jerseys to be used in the Super Bowl.

Hi Bryan, any chance Bank of America Stadium would broadcast the Super Bowl on big screens for us Panther fans not able to go to the Super Bowl? How awesome would it be to all stand together in the stadium, rooting our team in the biggest game of all? – April in Winston-Salem, N.C.

While that certainly seems like a fun idea, it's not allowed by the NFL. The league has a long-standing policy prohibiting mass-viewing events for televised NFL games.

The good news is I'm hearing a few establishments in the Carolinas might just flip their TVs over to the game Sunday. I count myself extremely lucky to be attending the game, but if I wasn't, I'd be kind of partial to my couch so I could truly pay attention to the game (and the commercials).

Hello Bryan, where can I buy the new shirts that the players were wearing right after the NFC Championship game? Thank you so much. We are so very proud of our guys! – Geri in Charlotte

Geri, you can purchase the locker room shirt and cap – and other items that commemorate the NFC title - at the Carolina Panthers Official Shop. Happy shopping!

Is Coach McDermott considering staying in Carolina even if he is offered a head coaching job? – Timothy in Havelock, N.C.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was one of the first faces I laid eyes on after Sunday's triumph, a face understandably filled with pride. McDermott loves his role with the Panthers, but yes, he would love the opportunity to be a head coach in this league as well.

Well, that seems unlikely to happen this offseason since all the head coaching vacancies have been filled. There's always the outside possibility that another one comes open for some unforeseeable reason, and I suppose there's always a chance McDermott pursues some other opportunity regardless. But I know he loves being here and feel good about the prospects of him returning next season.

View the top photos by photographer Kent Smith from Carolina's NFC Championship against Arizona.

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