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Carolina Panthers

Braxton Deaver Q&A


On growing up in Charlotte and now playing for the hometown team as an undrafted rookie: "It's definitely a dream come true. I talked to my dad about how surreal a moment it is, being out here especially being such a huge Carolina Panthers fan growing up. I feel at home here. I've got great coaches, great teammates, and each day I've gotten more comfortable. But it's definitely quite an experience."

On running out for first training camp practice: "It was one of the most exciting things I've ever been a part of, just to run out with all the fans there. It just sent chills up my spine. It was a pretty special moment. … I have come down to Wofford and been in the stands watching the Carolina Panthers practice, and I'm here because I was one of those guys who had a dream and worked hard."

On Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen as a model for success: "Greg has maybe the best hands on our team – he makes catches routinely that are unbelievable – and Greg understands defenses better than most people I know. Greg is still very, very fast at 30 years old, but he understands zone concepts and where people are going to be maybe better than they understand where they're supposed to be. So he's able to settle in somewhere and he's able to run by people, and Cam (Newton) puts the ball into places where 99 percent of people can't. They really have a great chemistry."

On linebacker and former Duke teammate Jeremy Cash: "Jeremy Cash is a great teammate. We're both finishing our masters at Duke, and we really grew close through school in addition to being teammates. It's really nice to transition from college to the NFL with somebody coming from the same school. He's a hard worker, and he's a baller. He's going to do well. It's nice to have my buddy here."

On the continuing influence of Duke head coach David Cutcliffe: "He's a second father to me. … The 'Mans Rule' is what Coach Cut always talks about: being where you're supposed to be and doing what you're supposed to do as well as you can do it. That's something that if you follow, it will truly help you with what we're doing here."

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