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Camp Confidential: Episode 1 Recap

After debuting last year, "Camp Confidential" is back to provide Panthers fans with more incredible behind-the-scenes access during training camp.

Here are some highlights from Episode One:

Olsen candid with Rivera: The cameras picked up a fascinating conversation between tight end Greg Olsen and head coach Ron Rivera from the first practice.

"First practice – you've got to get it under your belt and just get it out of your system," Olsen told his coach. "Prove to yourself, 'OK, I can do this still.' I don't care how long you've been in the league, this is my 10th training camp. But after a couple plays, 'Yeah, I got this.'"

Rivera knew exactly what the veteran tight end meant. That moment spoke to the competitive pressure these players face each and every year to keep their jobs.

Davis goes in-depth: The ride-along scene with linebacker Thomas Davis revealed more about his relationship with several important people in his life.

He explains how his wife is "the rock" of the family, especially when he's away for camp. He also told a story about his rock-solid relationship with fellow linebacker Luke Kuechly. When Davis went in for surgery during the postseason to repair his broken arm, he woke up in the hospital to find two people watching over him.

"When I looked over, there were two people in the room – him and Kelly."

Davis later discussed the impact Owner/Founder Jerry Richardson has had on his life and his career. It's a segment packed with emotion, fitting for a passionate leader like Davis.

Defensive backs meeting: A look inside Steve Wilks' meeting room shed some light on the learning process taking place for the three rookie cornerbacks.

We get to see Wilks in his role as a teacher in the classroom, breaking down practice film and emphasizing the details of hand technique.

A glimpse at rookie life: Cornerback Daryl Worley's rookie diary revealed more about a training camp tradition – embarrassing the rookies.

The third-round pick talked about choosing to sing R. Kelly's "Bump N' Grind" in front of the entire team.

"Luckily I got to a good point in the song, and everyone started singing along," Worley said. "Everyone cheered. I didn't get booed – thank God."

View photos of Carolina's seventh day of training camp practice.

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