Camp Quotes: Colin Jones

How he's trying to help the team: "The more you can do as a player is just going to help the team in different ways. With the nickel roll starting last year it was more like my college position, so that transition wasn't (too hard). But playing some of the man coverage and technique stuff - that is what has taken a little longer. I've always loved special teams. It is what got me into this league and that will be why I stick around."

On the three fastest players on the team: "I would say Ted (Ginn, Jr.), me, then Philly (Brown)."

On where he would put CB Teddy Williams on that list: "Teddy? Oh I don't know, I can't give any slack to any of them in the DB room. We will put him number four. He is good on the hundred (meters). I'm talking forty (yard dash)."

On running straight line versus football speed: "You have to give yourself a chance to have straight line or good speed, but when you put pads on some people can carry them and some can't. So when you get out on the football field there are a lot of variables that come in."

On whether he has to convince people he's fast: "Well, if you saw me in a room they wouldn't be like, 'Oh, that's 4.25 (speed).' But I just tell them to look at the tape. Turn on the tape and they will see."

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