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Camp Quotes: Damiere Byrd


His initial thoughts on training camp:"It's just fun to be back on the field. It's a great opportunity for me to be able to get back to football and be able to be at this level, so it's been a great couple of days."

Where he views himself among other receivers:"Just continuing to go out every day and try to make somebody's eyes open. Just continuing to make plays, continuing to try to make a statement each and every time I'm out there."

*What he can do to stand out from other receivers: *"Just being able to make plays, go over the top with my speed, and then also being able to learn everything and being able to move in every position that we have on the field, if I can."

What he's learned from the veterans:"Just to be open, just to learn, just to sit back and be a sponge. You're going to have mistakes. That's going to come in the first couple days and the first time being here, but you learn from it and make sure that first mistake is the only one that you make."

What's been the biggest transition adjusting to the NFL:"I think just that everybody expects you to know what to do at all times. You just move, you follow the crowd, and everybody lets you know everything that you need to know before practice, before meetings and everything else, and I think that's the big difference between here and college."

On having South Carolina fans cheer for him during training camp practices:"It's good. I definitely have familiar faces out there from coming to our practices back at school, things like that. It's definitely a good opportunity to be straight down the road to be able to be here."

How wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl has helped him:"Coach Proehl is a great coach. He was a player for many years, so he knows how to relate to us. He makes a lot of things easier as far as being able to demonstrate it for us. He's already been in our shoes, so he knows exactly what we look at, what we see, and how we go through it."

On proving he is more than just a speed receiver:"It has been like that my entire life, whether in high school or being recruited for college and then coming here. The first thing that stands out to everybody is speed, and then they see how tall I am and say well he must just be a track guy. I definitely want to shake that stigma of just being a track guy and being able to run straight ahead."

How he learns from Kelvin Benjamin and the bigger receivers with Carolina:"To an extent. We realize that obviously I can't physically push people out of the way, the way that he does. We do look at different situations, how they use their hand placement and things like that. That may give us an extra step or an extra move away from the defender to get him off balance."

Where he got his speed:"I would like to say my mother. She can track in high school and college, so I probably got it from her."

On wishing he was taller, and if he has always been the shorter guy:"Not really. It was kind of given to me. I have always been in that role as the underdog so I kind of embraced it at a young age and kept it going."

*On the weather's effect on him: *"I think about it of course. It's hot and you get used to it after a while. No matter where you are at camp, it's going to be hot, it's going to be humid so you just have to work through it."

What he wants to see from himself moving forward:"Just continuing to lay the foundation of a great player. Demonstrating that I know the offense, that I can learn the offense, as well as playing every position that we have at receiver and continuing to go out there and be able to play fast. Knowing everything right of the bat and just going out and playing."

His thoughts on playing special teams:"I played special teams in college, so I am very comfortable playing it. Whatever I have to do to make this team, I'll do it."

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