Camp quotes: Mike Remmers

His feelings about how far he has come as a professional football player:"It has been an incredible experience. I never would have imagined this my rookie year and I'm just so thankful. Because of my previous years I try to keep the mindset that I'm still trying to make the team. That's exactly what I'm trying to do right now, trying to make the team. It doesn't matter where I'm at right now it matters where I'm at when the regular season starts. I'm just doing everything I can right now."

On new left tackle Michael Oher and his performance in training camp thus far:"He's doing great. I really feel like the whole O-line is doing well. We're learning a lot every single day, constantly getting better. There is always room for improvement but I think everyone is going out there and giving it their all and that's all you can ask for."

How this year's offensive line situation is different from last year: "I'm pretty sure every guy on the O-line has taken the same perspective as me and just wants to improve themselves as much as they can. I know everyone on the O-line is fighting to get better and be on this team when it comes down to it."

How it feels to go into camp knowing he will most likely be the Week 1 starter:"It is amazing having the game experience from last year, total boost of confidence. But, our coaches tell us every year that anytime you come into something like this to treat it like it's your first time. I am more familiar with the offense but you still have to take a rookie's perspective and re-learn it and that's how you can get a lot more confidence out there. But, having last year and playing makes a world of difference."

How last year's late success has helped this offensive line unit step forward:"I think a lot of the guys have learned a lot from those playoff games even though we came up short. Everyone still has that feeling inside of them. We were doing really well at the end and we just want to keep the ball rolling into this year and start out hot and finish even hotter."

On taking snaps at center during training camp practices:"It's fun. I played center back in seventh grade so it's been a fun experience. It's really helping me out at tackle honestly because you're looking at the whole offensive line from a different perspective. Usually I'm just worried about right tackle and my responsibility on that play but now I think about what the guards have to do and where the tackles are going to be. It has really helped me out to learn the offense from a new perspective and its fun playing there at center with the guards next to you. I don't have to be out there on an island kicking way out there. I just want to have a spot on the team, I don't care what position."

How it felt to put on the pads for the first time this offseason:"It was awesome. The past few weeks and during OTAs when you're just in shells and helmets have been great for learning plays but a lot changes when you put the shoulder pads and you're actually hitting people. It's a lot more physical. It reminds you of all the good times out there during games. I think everyone did a really good job today."

What it's like facing Charles Johnson in one-on-one drills on a regular basis:"He's a really, really good athlete. It helps me so much and each and every day you learn something new. I just know that going up against him each day is going to help me get even better for the regular season."

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