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Carolina Panthers

Catching Up with TE Marcus Lucas


SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Prior to training camp, Marcus Lucas officially switched from wide receiver to tight end. The 6-4, 235-pounder, who spent his entire rookie season on the practice squad, has embraced the change and is working overtime to prove that he can make it work. caught up with Lucas after a recent practice to discuss his progress.

How has the transition been so far?

"It's hit and miss. Being down in a three-point stance and blocking those big dudes on the inside – that's pretty new to me. But when it comes to routes it's very natural. I played a hybrid position in college so running those routes on the inside is coming along pretty well."

How have the tight ends helped you learn the new position?

"Just having a Pro Bowl tight end like Greg Olsen to learn from and study with has been tremendous in my transition. Having guys like Ed (Dickson) and Richie (Brockel) has been vital. They are very helpful. Coach Pete (Hoener) just wants everyone to succeed, so it's been a pretty smooth. But it requires a lot of studying and a lot work after practice."

Do you think moving to tight end increases your chances of making the team?

"Ultimately, it's going to be the coaches' decision with that they want and what their plan is for me. All I can do is give my best effort. Whatever happens after that is out of my hands."

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