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David Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon commencement


Soon-to-be Panthers owner David Tepper was the keynote speaker at Carnegie Mellon University commencement on Sunday. The Pittsburgh native earned his MBA at CMU and has since donated more than $125 million to the school.

Tepper delivered an emotional, personal speech to the graduates. And he was overcome with joy when he talked about his future with the Panthers.

"A kid who couldn't afford to go to an NFL game until well into his twenties is on the verge of getting the NFL's approval to buy the Carolina Panthers," Tepper said. "Not too shabby."

Tepper discussed his upbringing and the pride he takes in his journey to success.

"I've had an incredible life from humble beginnings," he said, closing the speech by reminding the graduates to give back.

Click here to watch Tepper's full remarks at the ceremony (begins at 2:23).

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