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Carolina Panthers

Davis' tackle earns high praise

CHARLOTTE – Linebacker Thomas Davis was everywhere on Sunday night. He finished with 13 tackles, many of which were devastating hits on Eagles' ball carriers.

But defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, much like head coach Ron Rivera, was most impressed with Davis' open-field tackle on shifty running back Darren Sproles late in the second quarter on third-and-6.

Sproles caught a pass in the flat, and Davis, the only defender in the area, brought him down for a 1-yard loss.

"To make that tackle in space with nobody else around, it's just phenomenal fundamentals and a leader leading by example," McDermott said.

The Carolina coaches weren't the only ones gushing about that play. Another NFL coach called McDermott to say he planned to use Davis' tackle as teaching tape with his team.

"I had a coach call me (Tuesday) morning and say, 'Hey, I'm showing my guys that same play,'" McDermott said proudly. "It just reaffirms what we are trying to establish with our players. They are taking pride in the fundamentals of the game and putting the work in."

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