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Duke Robinson Q&A


Question and answer with Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson, the Panthers' fifth-round draft choice (163rd overall).

On being chosen by Carolina: I never even had a conversation with the Panthers, so this was the last thing I was thinking. But I'm just blessed right now. I'm so happy they picked me. It gives me an opportunity to come and prove myself and show them what I can do. I'm just happy; I'm enjoying it right now.

On why he was surprised to be picked by the Panthers: I never had any affiliation with the Panthers and I know they are returning all five (offensive line) starters and they had a pretty good year (last season). I wasn't thinking that would be a team that would be interested in a guard.

On if he can play both guard and tackle in the NFL: I think I can play any position wherever they need me.

On if the Panthers have talked to him about what position he will play: No, they haven't. We've talked about coming in and getting a chance to meet with them and put a faces with names and get things started. But we haven't talked about what position or where they want me to play yet.

On his best block last season: There was one in the Texas Tech game. I was pulling around, like on the one-yard line, and it was a power play to the right side of the field. I pulled around from the backside to the frontside of the mike linebacker and I rolled him up pretty good.

On if he played against Texas A&M running back Mike Goodson, who was drafted by the Panthers in the fourth round: I think he's a great running back. He's real fast on the edges. He had a couple of great runs against us the last couple of times we played them.

On being the great nephew of singer/songwriter Smokey Robinson: I've never really had any major interaction with him. But when I was smaller, I saw him a time or two as a kid. I know he is a great singer and songwriter. But that was always something I just kept with me. But then by the time I got to college it kind of came out (that I was related to him).

On if he can sing: Nah, I can't sing.

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