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Dynamic Griffin III leading Redskins


Robert Griffin III's production speaks for itself.

The Redskins rookie quarterback – who has thrown for 1,778 yards and eight touchdowns – ranks fifth in the NFL in completion percentage (66.8), fourth in yards per pass attempt (7.97) and seventh in quarterback rating (97.3).

He's been just as effective when he tucks the ball and runs, leading all quarterbacks with 476 yards and six touchdowns.

Has the second overall pick been surprised by his early success?

"As a competitor you always fully expect success. You always expect to go out and be successful, and that's why you are here," Griffin III said in a conference call. "I trained hard for this. I prepared for it. Coach put me through a lot of different things through OTA's, training camp to make sure I was ready."

But one of Griffin III's greatest attributes is his ability to make something positive happen when the play he's practiced and studied during the week of preparation breaks down on game day. That's when his instincts take over.

"He's got a way of making plays if something breaks down," Washington head coach Mike Shanahan said in a conference call. "He has the ability to make a play either running it or throwing it.  It's always nice to see it in college, but to do it at the pro level is always nice to see."

"It's just been fun for me because he works extremely hard," Shanahan added. "Every game he gets better, if it's that drop back game or play action game.  I think he picks things up very quickly."

Fellow-rookie Alfred Morris, who ranks third in the NFL with 717 rushing yards, has certainly played a role in Griffin III's early production.

Morris and the Washington running game, which features a zone read element similar to the one used by Carolina, have provided a balanced attack and paved the way for downfield opportunities off play-action.

"We have definitely been feeding off each other," Griffin III said. "He's run the ball well in nearly every game. Whenever he does run the ball well, it does help us out in the passing game."

That rushing attack – ranked second overall – has been reliable as Griffin III continues to learn and settle in.

"I think now it's putting game plans together to see what (Griffin III) feels comfortable with," Shanahan said. "It's kind of different adjustments each game, different formations and obviously your game time attack.  We work week by week in the NFL."

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