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Foxhole: Breaking camp


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's final training camp practice.

On injuries: Tyler Brayton (ankle), Quinton Culberson (thigh), Thomas Davis (PUP - knee), Aaron Francisco (hamstring), Ray Hisatake (neck), Ed Johnson (elbow), Louis Leonard (rest), Sherrod Martin (groin), Jeff Otah (PUP - knee), and Jamar Williams (shoulder). Chris Gamble and Richard Marshall were missing for personal reasons. They'll be at practice tomorrow.

On his overall impressions of camp: I thought it was a very productive camp. It was very physical. I think we grew some. We've still got camp in Charlotte ahead of us. As I mentioned to them, we've got a home opener as far as the preseason goes this weekend and have another one next weekend. We'll continue to install and put our systems in and continue to try to grow that way. If we can work like we did up till now, we'll be in good shape.

On what stood out and what the team improved on from the first day of camp: Watching guys grow. Guys that I didn't have a great amount of past with and watching them gel together. I liked the way they've gone about their business. Basically, a bunch of guys I didn't know that well.

On the New York Jets: It dawned on me that they're on "Hard Knocks," so that means we get to be on "Hard Knocks" - which I'm not real excited about, but there's not much you can do. They are a fine team. We played them last year, and they beat us at their place. They've got a variety of defenses and they used a lot of them against the Giants last week. It's a good football team, a playoff team a year ago that went deep into the playoffs, so it will be a good test.

On if a "Hard Knocks" Carolina Panthers version would not be as entertaining: I can't comment.

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