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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: Breaking camp


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's training camp practice.

On injuries: C.J. Davis - ankle. Thomas Davis - knee. Jake Delhomme - team decision. Landon Johnson - groin. Muhsin Muhammad - team decision. Nate Salley - knee. Jonathan Stewart - ankle. Mike Goodson - leg; he was way better today but not quite there yet. Kendrick Vincent - bruised knee, nothing serious.

On if Stewart has had any further tests: No, just trying to get him better.

On how training camp went: I thought it was a good camp. Guys worked hard. Like I told them, I'm going to be looking at the progress we make from game one to game two. That's really the measuring stick. I think we've had a good week, and we'll see what happens.

On looking forward to sleeping in his own bed tonight: Yeah. I think everybody is. There's no place like home.

On if he can tell a difference in the team by shortening training camp by one week: It's a little bit different. Trend-wise, people have shortened camp. I think the league is getting bigger, stronger, faster, and there are more injuries and it's hard to replace frontline guys. So it's just a fine line that more and more people have erred on the side of caution as far as practice time, in particularly padded, hard practices.

On if teams will ever return to having longer training camps: It's hard to say. If somebody stays in camp for four weeks and wins the Super Bowl, you could.

On what he will miss about Spartanburg: A lot of people. There are a lot of great people here. We are treated very well. Their coaches, their administration, (cafeteria) staff - everybody treats us so well that you miss them all. You get to see them once a year and you've built relationships over time. Now we get to go back and see our people back at Bank of America (Stadium), but they treat us really well here.

On if the Panthers will return to Wofford College for training camp next year: Those aren't my decisions, but I wouldn't oppose it.

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