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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: CB Gamble back


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Did not participate - Armanti Edwards (illness). Limited participation - James Anderson (ankle), Greg Hardy (knee), Marcus Hudson (ankle) and Jordan Senn (ankle). Full participation - Chris Gamble (hamstring) and Nic Harris (head).

On if cornerback Chris Gamble will start against the Arizona Cardinals: More than likely but we'll announce that right before the game.

On the difference in the running game over the last four weeks compared to earlier in the season: We've settled into a starting group; we've had a pretty good rotation there through the offensive line as well as running backs. We've had some continuity, and I think that's all part of football. Being the team game that it is, that's been a big reason.

On if Mike Goodson and Jonathan Stewart are complimentary running backs: Up until a month ago, I'm not sure we knew that Mike Goodson was an every down back. Now that he's had an opportunity to prove himself, I think there is no doubt in that. Jonathan Stewart, it's fair to say we knew what his capabilities were. Hats off to Mike Goodson.

On running back Tyrell Sutton: He's one of the core guys on special teams. We missed him there for a spell with the (ankle) injury. I thought he was off to a pretty good start in the game (versus New Orleans) that he had an opportunity to play in. Every time we've called on him, he's stepped up. Last year, he was our starting fullback going to New Orleans. He's a good football player that can play a lot of different spots and understands the game pretty well.

On the biggest difference in defensive end Charles Johnson compared to last year: He's a starter now, so he's got a lot more opportunity to play. He's played a lot more plays; he's taken full advantage of that. I think he's had an outstanding season, which sometimes gets lost when you don't win the number of games that you'd like to.

On the Arizona Cardinals: Very similar situation that we're in. They've had their rotation at quarterback. They've got some skill people outside that sometimes you don't get to take advantage of in that situation. Again, it's been hard for them to get continuity on offense. I think they're barely (ahead of) us as far as offensively in the National Football League. Whenever you do that, it puts stress on your defense. So I think in a lot of ways they are very similar to us.

On Cardinals quarterback John Skelton: He's a fifth-round draft pick (from Fordham). He's a big, strong guy that can make all the throws. He's got an outstanding arm. Again, we've only seen a game and a half on him but we broke him down coming out (of college). I don't think he looked bad. He's going to make rookie mistakes like all rookies do, but all-in-all I think he did O.K.

On if the Panthers will have a fake field goal alert on against the Cardinals, whose kicker - Jay Feely - scored a touchdown on a five-yard run last week versus the Denver Broncos: That was an interesting play they had. We had one of those (against us) a few years back against Minnesota as far as a field goal fake. We'll be alert, but I don't think they'd run the same one.

On if he is concerned about making sure players and team personnel on the sideline do not interfere with the game action like what happened with the New York Jets: That hasn't really been high on our list. We've had a couple other issues that we've had to deal with. But obviously it can all be an issue. There are obviously some teams that skirt the traffic on the sideline. As far as intentionally doing something, TVs catch just about everything and sometimes too much, but I don't think anybody intentionally would try to hurt somebody.

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