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Foxhole: Delhomme to start


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On who will start at quarterback against the Cardinals: It will be Jake Delhomme.

On why he decided to start Jake Delhomme: Because I think he gives us the best chance to win. Sometimes with the 48-hour rule, you go back and you look. There's no question we've struggled in that area. Going through and looking at some of our mishaps, I don't think it's one guy, and I still think he gives us the best chance to win.

On if Delhomme will be on a short leash against the Cardinals: No. He's no different than any other player out there. All of the guys are listed as starters, and his starting role won't be any different than anybody else.

On when he made the decision to start Delhomme: Yesterday (Tuesday). I'm not going to get in to all of the details other than it's my job as the head coach to make sure the minds are right of our football team, and I feel good about it.

On if there was any consideration given to starting Matt Moore: There was always consideration. We are in a production-based business, and results are key. But when you sort out the problems that we've had, they've all not been bad. As I mentioned before, three weeks ago we weren't playing real good defense and we weren't running the ball very effectively, and it's all part of the game. It's ever changing, and we've got a new challenge this week and we're going to put the best 11 out there at once that we think can help us win.

On if Moore took any reps with the first team in practice today: He takes reps with the ones every week.

On if Moore took more reps than usual with the first team: I didn't chart them today. But he's a backup player like a lot of our backup players that get reps. Last week, our starting fullback (Brad Hoover) didn't play, and Tony Fiammetta started. You're one play away from being a starter, so you get reps and you are responsible to know your job. It's no different at quarterback than it is at any other position.

On how he will help Delhomme with his confidence: Just like anybody else, whether it's Kenny Moore or John Kasay. You're not going to win every play, and that's something you understand in this league. Getting confidence helps when you get good results, and we're going to fight though it, get out of the funk and get good results.

On if he likes the fact that Delhomme gets another shot against the Cardinals: I don't know that a lot of it is based on who our opponent is this week. I'm more concerned with us at this point. It just happens to be that's who we're playing.

On if Delhomme's problems can be traced back to last season's playoff loss to the Cardinals: Not really. Two weeks ago we won our first football game and then we won our next game. You don't think about those types of things from that long ago.

On why the team hasn't been the same since last season's playoff loss to the Cardinals: I don't know if I totally agree with that. It's not the same; it's never the same; we're not the same team as we were a year ago. We've got a lot of different players. We've had a lot of different players in and out. We're not the same team, and neither is Arizona.

On if the Panthers have reached the same level of play as last season: Right now we've lost the same number of games we lost year. Again, we've got a lot football left. All of our focus is on this week, and it happens to be the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona.

On the Cardinals: They've got a lot of weapons. They've got a veteran quarterback. They have probably one of the best threesomes (Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston) at wide receiver in the league. Their defense is playing exceptionally well. I think that's an area that they've improved quite a bit at. They're a good football team. That's why they're 4-2.

On roster moves: We picked up practice squad tight end Jason Pociask and released defensive tackle Rashaad Duncan.

On injuries: Did not participate: Charles Godfrey - ankle, Landon Johnson - shoulder, Muhsin Muhammad - knee, Dante Rosario - knee, and Jonathan Stewart - Achilles. Limited participation: Thomas Davis - hamstring. Full participation: Brad Hoover - back and Rhys Lloyd - ankle.

On how long safety Charles Godfrey will be out: Day-to-day, ankle sprain.

On if Godfrey broke any bones: No breaks.

On wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad's injury: Knee sprain.

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