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Foxhole: Fan Fest


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's Fan Fest practice at Bank of America Stadium.

On his impressions of practice: We got through healthy, that was the most important thing. We are a little bit nicked up already. It was very typical of a first scrimmage. I think the defense is a little ahead of the offense. That's pretty typical every year. I'm pleased with the effort and I'm pleased we got through healthy.

On if it was difficult to have a full scrimmage with so many players injured: Not really. We've been here before. That's part of camp. You get guys banged up. You get to take a look at some new, young guys. That's part of the fun.

On if he expected quarterback Matt Moore to play better considering how well he's done in training camp: Not at all. Again, a lot goes in to offense. Everybody has got to execute what they're doing. He made some good throws. We probably would have liked to have been a little bit more productive, but I think that's just where you are typically in camp.

On if he was pleased with the effort by the defense: Yeah. Like I said, I usually anticipate it going that way. At least in my tenure here and even other places, the defense typically is a little further ahead this time of the year.

On cornerback C.J. Wilson: He made a couple of plays on the ball. I would have like to have seen him catch them. He's done a good job this camp, and I thought he picked it up today.

On practicing at Bank of America Stadium: Any time you have a little change (of venue) it's good. You break the monotony. Coming back to Charlotte was good. I think the guys get a little taste of what it's like. A lot of guys have never been in here before with such a young team. It's a good way to get your feet wet before we start real games in the preseason.

On having a day off for the first time tomorrow since training camp started on July 29: We've been at camp for awhile. We've got to come in early because next we've got a short week. I know for me it was nice to sleep in my own bed last night myself, so I'm sure they (players) feel the same way.

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