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Foxhole: Final auditions


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Jon Beason - knee. Decori Birmingham - head. Charles Godfrey - hand. Sherrod Martin - knee bruise. Nate Salley - knee. Jonathan Stewart - excused for personal reasons. Dante Wesley - head.

On if waiving wide receiver Ryne Robinson had anything to do with the knee injury he suffered last year: No. It was a matter of what we felt was best for the team at this time, and this gives him an opportunity a little bit earlier to seek employment elsewhere.

On Robinson being the team's primary kick and punt returner as a rookie and then spending last season on injured reserve: This game has its ups and downs, and it's unfortunate. I told him I appreciated him and appreciated his efforts.

On the competition at punt returner with Robinson no longer on the roster: We've got some guys that we feel good about in Captain Munnerlyn and Kenny Moore. Who knows what's going to happen? A lot happens here as we move forward as far as it affects the roster.

On the importance of the last preseason game for players still trying to earn roster spots: I think they're all big. That's one of the crummy parts about this job. You spend a lot of time with these guys. A lot of these guys have been with us for years and in some cases at least since the offseason. You do get close to them. They work hard; they give everything they've got. If it doesn't work out here, it could end up working out somewhere else. That's never a fun time for any coach.

On if the starters will play in the last preseason game against Pittsburgh: We'll take a look at where we are medically. We've had our share of injuries at this point. We'll just evaluate that day-to-day and make that decision as it gets closer to game time.

On how long the starters will play if they do play: A series or two, not extended play, if in fact they go that will be the amount. That's pretty standard for the final preseason game.

On playing four preseason games in 18 days: That's your schedule. We do that in the regular season, we do that in the preseason and you've got to play to the schedule. We went shorts today and we'll see where we go tomorrow and try to get the team freshened up for Thursday.

On if he made any changes to the practice schedule with four preseason games in 18 days: Not really. It wasn't a mystery. We knew the schedule a while back and we planned and scheduled accordingly.

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