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Foxhole: Giants Stadium memories

Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Did not participate: Jake Delhomme - right finger, Richard Marshall - ankle, Jonathan Stewart - Achilles, Tyrell Sutton - calf, and DeAngelo Williams - ankle. Full participation: Matt Moore - shoulder.

On when quarterback Matt Moore injured his shoulder: He played a game Sunday, and then it was sore today.

On if quarterback Jake Delhomme is any closer to being able to throw the football: It's how do you define closer, but if you made me answer that I'd probably say yes.

On if there is a chance Delhomme could play again this year: Again it's day-to-day, and each day we'll evaluate it.

On running back Jonathan Stewart winning NFC Offensive Player of the Week: I made that announcement to the team (after practice). Unfortunately, he wasn't out here to hear about it, but they'll be able to talk to him about that when they get inside.

On wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett being inactive against Minnesota: Some of those other guys have been inactive for a lot of weeks before that. I think it was a matter of giving some other guys an opportunity, which is the case with every position every week.

On if Jarrett's performance has not been up to standard: I don't get into all that. Some guys looked like they were showing some good work, and (we) wanted to give them an opportunity.

On if Jarrett being inactive had anything to do with the penalties against him at New England: No. I'm not going to banter that around. We have different active lists every week.

On younger players getting more experience and contributing: That's one thing when you have a lot of injuries - guys get opportunities, whether it's a Matt Moore, James Anderson, Tyrell Sutton, really even Jonathan (Stewart) even though he has a pretty big work load week-to-week. He's done that twice this year (replaced an injured DeAngelo Williams) and he's stepped up big in both spots. That's why it's helpful to have a good stable of backs, and we've been fortunate that way.

On Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith and Giants wide receiver Steve Smith: It's hard to compare players. They are both very productive players. I know a lot more about our Steve Smith. But he's a guy we've competed against before. He's having a good year. He's had a lot of catches and had a lot of production. Not that they are going to be playing against each other. I think our defense is probably a little bit more aware (of their Steve Smith) and I'm sure their defense is a little bit more aware of our Steve Smith. But they are both good players.

On the Giants' defense: They've been pretty salty all year long. They're still in the playoff hunt. I'm sure they'll bring their A game. This is going to be the last game in Giants Stadium that the Giants play in. So there are a lot of things to play for, and we'll have to match that intensity.

On his best memories of Giants Stadium: I've got a lot of them. Our NFC Championship Game there in 2000 is probably the one that sticks out the most. But in five years there were a lot of good memories. We had good football teams, but that's probably the most memorable one.


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