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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: Heat wave


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's training camp practice.

On injuries during practice: C.J. Davis did something and Aaron Francisco, but I won't know (their status) until after I'm done here.

On why tackle Jordan Gross did not practice: Rest. That was a club decision.

On how the players responded to practicing in the heat: I think (general manager) Marty (Hurney) gave us a couple of days there that were pretty nice, and then he didn't have much mercy on us today, so he pulled the shades off. It was a little warmer today but it was good. Our guys fought through it well.

On moving James Anderson to strong side linebacker and keeping him there when Thomas Davis got hurt: (We're) just trying to get our best three on the field. Nothing is etched in stone at this point. Dan Connor has played quite a bit for us. James played outside backer for us pretty extensive last year at both spots. Those guys are trained to play a lot of different positions, and James has even played in the middle for us. Right now, we're just trying to evaluate who our top three guys are and we'll continue that through camp.

On the team's progress one week into training camp: Like any coach, you prefer there to be no injuries but they're a part of the game. At this time of year you work through it. The good news about that is it gives young guys some opportunities. But, hopefully, we'll start getting some guys back and get some guys healthy. But I like the way our guys are working, and we're getting better.

On how injuries limit what can be done in practice: Today it really wasn't so much a matter of being thin at positions. It was more weather. People in this part of the country are going through that everywhere. It's not new. But you try to get your work and yet make sure you're not diminishing the guys too much. So it varies day-to-day depending on the health of the team.

On how rookie quarterback Tony Pike is handling his transition to the NFL: Good. He missed some time in the offseason due to college restrictions. It's not anybody's fault; that's just what the rules are. He's a smart guy that's played a lot of college football. He's learning our system, and I think he's doing fine.

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