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Foxhole: Minicamp mission


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's morning minicamp practice.

On what he wants to accomplish at minicamp: We're getting back into coaching mode. You're getting everything back organized again - your system, your practice routine, everything. We haven't done it since January. This is the first time we've formed back up. We've got some new coaches. We always make some new changes, so it was good to get some of those things looked at.

On seeing this group of players, especially the draft picks, on the field for the first time: It's always exciting. You spend a lot of time evaluating them over the last five months, watching them on film. Yesterday they came in. We got to have some organizational things. You get a chance to meet guys without the pads, without the helmets and get a chance to talk to them. Go through a meeting setting, see how fast they pick things up. This is our first opportunity to watch how they transfer it from the classroom or from college ball to this field. All-in-all I thought it was a pretty good outing.

On rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen's first practice: He's a sharp guy. He's picked things up very fast. He's sharp in football, and I think that's key at the quarterback position. He's swimming right now. It's still new, new guys. You have to get a feel for everybody, and I thought he handled it well.

On cornerback Richard Marshall not attending minicamp: I'd rather he be here. That's why we like to practice. But I understand it and I know Richard is working hard. He's talked to a lot of his teammates, so we'll see him when he gets here.

On if he has a sense for how long Marshall will be absent: Not really. There are two types of the NFL - there's the football and then there's the business - so I understand them both pretty well.

On how he views the quarterback situation and if Matt Moore is the unquestioned starter: Right now, he's the number-one quarterback. Those guys will decide that, not me. I felt real comfortable with Matt at the end of last season. I thought he's shown improvement in both seasons he's had an opportunity to play. We'll see where that takes us.

On the return of linebacker Thomas Davis from a knee injury: He's a great kid. He's worked very hard rehabbing this offseason. It was unfortunate that he was injured last year, because I thought he was having his best season to date. But he's battled back real hard, and I think we'll lean on him for leadership as well as his playing ability.

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