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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: Moore works with first team


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Did not participate: Jake Delhomme - right finger, Brad Hoover - ankle, Dwayne Jarrett - ankle, Charles Johnson - pectoral, Captain Munnerlyn - concussion, Jonathan Stewart - Achilles, Tank Tyler - knee, and DeAngelo Williams - ankle. Limited participation: Na'il Diggs - ribs and Muhsin Muhammad - knee. Full participation: Mackenzy Bernadeau - knee.

On what the team accomplished practicing inside because of the weather: We were obviously limited. We don't have a full-length field, but I think it beats the alternative as far as trying to accomplish much, in particularly when you are trying to hone in your passing game in the weather we had today.

On how quarterback Matt Moore did with the first team: I thought he had a good practice. He functioned very well. He has been in our offense for some time. Like most of us, he would have preferred to have been able to be on a full-length field, but we were able to accomplish what I think was good work. We went in there (practicing inside) a couple of weeks ago and had some success, so we'll see what this week brings.

On if he is ready to tab Moore as the starting quarterback against Tampa Bay: Not really. Day-to-day, I prefer it that way. This is a competitive business and there is an opponent - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - that I think follows the stuff in the media.

On the status of quarterback Jake Delhomme: Some of the swelling went down, but it (finger) still is broke. It didn't heal quite that fast.

On how the broken finger limits Delhomme: Obviously, there is some discomfort there; it did swell up. It (ball) is a little harder to grip. Grip is fairly important when you're throwing the ball. It is his throwing hand…which makes it a little more difficult. We'll see what he can tolerate as we go forward.

On if it is more painful for Delhomme to take a snap or throw the ball: They are both issues.

On if he will wait until game time to name a starting quarterback: Don't know. It's day-to-day. We've finished up today, Wednesday. There won't be too much more football practice left today, so we'll start that over tomorrow.

On if he has considered putting Delhomme on injured reserve: No, not at this point.

On if Moore is ready to play: I think he is more ready than he was the last time he went in. He's got a good grasp of the offense. Like I said before, he's got all of the abilities. That's been true of a lot of people at the quarterback position. He's got the right attitude, and I know we'll get his best effort.

On how Moore differs from Delhomme: A little bit more mobility. He's a little taller.

On how the Buccaneers, who have a new starting quarterback, are different from when the Panthers played them earlier this season: They drafted a quarterback (Josh Freeman) fairly high. I think he's got a lot poise for a young quarterback; he's helped their passing game some. They've always been pretty salty in the run game. Defensively, they look like they've made some changes schematically. Their personnel is pretty close to what it was when we played them the last time. They looked a little bit different on defense last week against Atlanta, so we've really only got one game on record as far as what I'd call a new (defensive) coordinator or new play caller. They beat Green Bay - they had some big plays in the kicking game - and Green Bay is a good football team, so they are very capable.

On if the defensive schemes Tampa Bay used against Atlanta were significantly different from what they had been doing this season: Enough to take notice of without getting into too many specifics. But it was different.

On when cornerback Captain Munnerlyn's concussion occurred: Some of those symptoms of concussions are delayed. He had some effects Monday when we came in and lifted and ran. He took a pretty significant hit on a punt return in the Jets game. Those things we leave in the doctors' hands, their evaluation. But they are definitely concussion symptoms.

On how the NFL's new policy on concussions changes how the Panthers deal with them: I think our medical people - our trainers and our doctors - have done a superb job. It's part of the game. That type of injury is happening all over the league. But we've always been very cautious, and I think our people have done an excellent job. They'll definitely take the player's best interest at heart.

On if he would have any interest in adding former Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis to the Panthers' staff: Right now we have a full staff. Those types of things aren't done until after the season. But Charlie Weis is a very good football coach.

On the status of linebacker Jon Beason, who has been charged with misdemeanor assault and had a civil lawsuit filed against him: We've made our statements on that and (we'll) let the process take its course. The last time I looked, you're innocent until proven guilty.

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