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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: Norwood's role grows

Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Did not participate - Armanti Edwards (illness). Limited participation - James Anderson (ankle), Marcus Hudson (ankle) and Jordan Senn (ankle). Full participation - Chris Gamble (hamstring), Greg Hardy and Nic Harris (head).

On what rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen needs to do to put two good halves together: This game is about preparation. I think the less experience you have the more preparation you have to put into it. I think he's doing that; he's a smart guy. He's trying to not only know what we're doing but know what they're doing by situation so it can carry over to the game.


On if rookie Eric Norwood will have an increased role with defensive end Everette Brown being placed on injured reserve: He's a guy that could be in the rotation. Typically, he gets a uniform on Sundays. Primarily, that's been as a special teams player, but he obviously has done it before and can be a DPR - designated pass rusher.

On if he has thought about this possibly being his last home game as the Panthers head coach: Everything is a possibility. But as I mentioned earlier when we had questions on that subject, those things get worked out after the season. I just know we've got to get prepared to play the Arizona Cardinals.

On if this is the most disappointing season he's had in his 21 years as an NFL assistant and head coach: Considering that it took to this point to have double-digit losses, I'd say that's a fair assessment.

On if he is concerned about how this season will affect his legacy in Carolina or ability to get another head coaching job in the NFL: I know it's been a hard season. That's all I know. All that other stuff gets worked out in the future.

On how he has dealt with the losing and disappointing season: The staff, the players here and myself included, I think we've done absolutely the best job we can possibly do and I'll be able to look myself in the mirror when I walk away from here.

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