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Foxhole: Open competition


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's summer school practice.

On the first day of summer school: We are always looking for smart, tough, better-conditioned guys, and I think in that time even since minicamp guys have been hard at work in our offseason conditioning program and have been through their testing. I think we had some good performances in the testing. They came back ready to go today in great shape.

On how the defensive players are adjusting to a new defensive coaching staff: Excellent. I think we've got fine coaches and we've got fine players. Sometimes change is good, and I think they've adapted. Again, we've got a lot of work to go, and that's why we have all these practices. But they are doing fine.

On the competition at back-up quarterback between Josh McCown and Matt Moore: Right now, Josh is two and Matt is three. Our whole football team is open competition once we get started.

On how much summer school helps prepare the team for training camp: Every year in this landscape in the National Football League you have turnover, so you have offensive, defensive and special teams schemes that you have to learn. You have young people and new people doing it - whether it's a new veteran or a rookie or a rookie free agent - that you can introduce them to your system, and, hopefully, they are that much further ahead when you go to training camp.

On returning all five starters on the offensive line: We did lose some depth on the offensive line this offseason. We were able to keep our starters intact. I think if you had a choice that's what you'd rather have. But we still have to train those other guys in case guys get nicked, which is a part of this game, so they are ready to play. We've got a lot of questions just like everybody else in the league right now. We are all clumped at 0-0.

On if the Panthers will consider signing a veteran back-up offensive lineman: We look all the time to help our football team, and we'll always look. Right now, this is pretty much where the core of our team will come from.

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