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Foxhole: Pike in summer school


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's summer school practice.

On how rookie quarterback Tony Pike did on his first day of summer school: He looked very good actually. We were putting in a no-huddle type of situation, so it wasn't the best day for him to show up. But he did really well, and I think he had a carryover from the minicamp, so he had a good day.

On how much Pike missed during the first two weeks of summer school: I think players will tell you they get more out of it when they get the live reps. You chalk it, you walk it, and then to actually get it you've got to play it. That's time he missed, but we've got plenty of time to make it up.

On Pike's ability to stay caught up with the playbook while he was not practicing: He's a conscience guy, so he's done all the book work. But to really take it through with your body, that is the key. He's a sharp guy who's got a lot of abilities, and I thought he looked like he didn't miss a beat today.

On Pike's physical abilities: He's a big, tall guy, so he's got good vision down the field. He's got a strong arm. He can make all the throws. He's got good feet for a big guy. Now it's just getting comfortable in the playbook. The hard part about quarterback is knowing what everybody is doing, and that takes some time. He's a bright guy that's worked hard at it and he'll just get better as we go.

On if he would like to see the rule changed that prevents rookies from participating in voluntary workouts until their college classes have graduated: That's not really my lane. My understanding is that it is a rule to help the colleges who do a great job for us and the things they do. I think it's probably a pretty good rule to keep their graduation rates right and let guys graduate the best you can.

On the decision to sign defensive tackle Ed Johnson despite his past off-the-field problems: That was big. But I think he has gotten himself straightened out. Guys understand that down their career they've got to step up, and we think he'll be able to do that. There's no question whether he can play football.

On rookie wide receiver Brandon LaFell: He's looked good. He looks like he belongs. Again, we're not in pads yet, we're not in game situations yet, but so far he looks to be adapting well to football at this level.

On how James Anderson has done at strongside linebacker: He's done well. Last year with the injuries we had at linebacker, he had an opportunity to get a lot of playing time, both on the weakside and the strongside. James is a guy that has been dependable as far as knowing his playbook. He's gotten those reps and opportunities, so, hopefully, he can build on that.

DAVIS, MARSHALL SIGN CONTRACTS:Linebacker Thomas Davis and cornerback Richard Marshall have signed one-year contracts. Both players were restricted free agents. Davis is entering his sixth NFL season, while Marshall is going into his fifth.

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