Foxhole: Points at a premium for offense

Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Did not participate: Tyler Brayton - concussion, Jake Delhomme - right finger, and Na'il Diggs - ribs. Full participation: Dwayne Jarrett - ankle, Charles Johnson - pectoral, Muhsin Muhammad - knee, Captain Munnerlyn - concussion, Jonathan Stewart - Achilles, and DeAngelo Williams - ankle. No new updates on quarterbacks, who's playing, who's not playing by design.

On if the offense's struggle to score points is a concern, especially against New England: Yeah. I think scoring points, more than the other team, is the key. I'd like to see us be able to do that, and the more we can progress in execution, I think the better we'll get. We do have a new quarterback in there. I think there are some natural growing pains with that, not just because of him but just even cadence, anything to do with offensive football. But I thought for a first outing last week, he beat that average you're talking about by three. Luckily, that was enough. I think we'll have to score more points than that this week playing the Patriots.

On if the offense's problems scoring points this season has been frustrating: There are reasons for everything. I don't think it's lack of effort or lack of guys' preparation or any of those types of things. We had a frustrating month of camp as far as preseason goes. Unfortunately, our first four (regular-season) games were our preseason, because we did have a lot of nicks and missed time with some key players in the preseason. Not that those are excuses, that's just the reality. I think any time you start a season 0-3, frustration would be putting it mildly.

On the development of rookie defensive end Everette Brown: Good. Everette has done a good job pass rushing, and I think he's improved immensely versus the run, which if there was any type of question about him that was probably it to start the season. I think (defensive line coach) Brian Baker, Coach (Ron) Meeks (defensive coordinator) and Everette have done a great job of developing those skills.

On what Brown's ideal playing weight should be: It's not just weight. It's playing strength, the ability to use his techniques and leverage more so than weight. Weight doesn't tie in too much.

On how defensive end Julius Peppers has played since his hand got better: I think Julius has played good football this season. Like a lot of players, it's hard to get through a season 100 percent. Every once in awhile you do get to do that. In his case, I thought he was playing really well and then he hurt his hand and kind of got through a couple of games and understandably so. Now, it's healing, and I think he's playing a lot better.

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